Laurent Amzallag | When is the right time?
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When is the right time?

26 Sep When is the right time?


I always like to begin with something funny.

After a couple of hours of flight, an airplane found itself going through some serious turbulence.

Panic was definitely in the air but a young man in particular got really nervous.

The person sitting next to that nervous passenger tried to console him by saying that there was nothing to worry about. He has seen this type of turbulence many times in the past.

“What if the plane crashes?” the young man said, almost crying from fear.

The other person then responded with a smile: “don’t worry, it will not crash. Plus, you are way too young, it’s not your time to go yet”.

The young man looked at him even more scared and quickly responded, “well, what if it’s the pilot’s time to go”???


It seems like everything in life is about timing. My cousin dated a girl in college, broke up and 10 years later reconnected. They are now planning a wedding. How’s that for timing?

As a fitness coach, I often get the following question… When is the best time to workout?

Some people seem to bounce right out of bed in the morning while others press that snooze button 25 times before deciding to get out of bed. Getting a root canal without anesthesia would seem more appealing than working out in the morning for that particular group of people.

So, is working out in the morning better than working out at night?

Well, it depends on whom you ask.

I personally think that you reap more benefits with a workout first thing in the morning.
Here are my top 3 reasons:


1-When you exercise first thing in the morning, it gives your metabolic rate a boost.
And why is that important? Well, when your metabolic rate is kickin’ early on during the day, it allows you to burn more calories even when you are sitting at your desk doing “nada”. Is that cool or what? Your body then becomes this fat burning factory.

Girl drawing smiley face on to a wall
2- Working out releases endorphins (often known as “the happy hormone”) that helps you keep feeling great throughout the day.
So instead of finding ways to seek revenge because a co-worker forgot to tighten up the lid on the sugar jar, you’ll find yourself laughing while drinking a really REALLY sweet coffee.

3- Studies have shown that women in particular, that workout in the morning, sleep better at night compared to those who workout later on during the day.
That’s important because it helps you make better food choices. If you have a lack of sleep or if you don’t have quality sleep, it will affect hormones responsible for appetite, and as a result it will make you crave unhealthy foods.

Now, that being said, if someone comes to me and says “Laurent, that’s all great and fun but the only time I have to workout is at night”, then my answer becomes “go right ahead. I rather you workout at night than not at all”.