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Get Certified

Become a Yala Fitness Instructor Today


Why Should YOU Get Certified as a YALA! Fitness

We want to partner with individuals that are more than fitness instructors. We are looking for motivators,inspirational personalities, and individuals who are passionate about improving other people’s lives. Does this sound like you? If so, consider joining our family by becoming a YALA! Fitness partner.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Our pay rates are better than the industry average (for classes sponsored by YALA! Fitness only. If independently hired, rates are subject to employer’s pay rates)
  • You’ll be trained to deliver the most innovative fitness programs in the market.
  • Media opportunities for our video content, television segments and live performances.

Our goal is simple, create memorable and enjoyable workout experiences while getting real results.


NRGY!15™ by Yala Fitness™ is a workout based on 15 signature moves choreographed to energetic music that will tone, elongate and strengthen every muscle in your body.



Are you Resilient? Do you like to be pushed to the point where you actually feel your body getting stronger? A full body workout that will challenge every muscle in your body.




How do I get YALA FITNESS™ Certified?

You will have to attend an eight (8) hour workshop, where you’ll learn the science, the method, the Sequencing Technique™ and the choreography. Our goal is to make you the best fitness motivator on the market.

How do I sign up for YALA FITNESS™ Certification?

Click here to find the closest training location

What are the requirements I must meet to become a Certified YALA FITNESS™ Instructor?
  • Must be nationally certified (NETA, YMCA Foundations of Group Exercise, WITS, NFPT, NESTA, AFAA, ACE, ACSM, ISSA, NCSF, NCCPT, NASM, NAFC, AFPA, FiTour, SCW Fitness Education, IFPA, NSCA-CPT, AAPTE Cooper Institute, Life Time Group Fitness Instructor, or AAAI/ISMA) or in the process of getting it.
  • Attend a 1-Day (8 hours) YALA FITNESS Workshop, and pass the practical exam at the end.
  • Must have the passion for fitness and must enjoy inspiring & motivating people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.
How much does YALA FITNESS™ Certification cost?

The cost to participate in a YALA FITNESS™ Certification Workshop is $250 per instructor. This fee corresponds to the 1-day Workshop. The certification cost includes the first month of licensing and a 1-month access to the “YALA FITNESS Instructors-Only Database”.

After the first month, instructors will have to pay a $14.95/month fee that will give them access to choreographies, music lists & learning modules to sharpen their teaching skills, that are part of the IOD (Instructors-Only Database).Also, their classes will be included in the FIND A CLASS section of our website, together with a PROFILE for each instructor.

Teaching licenses don’t expire as long as the instructor is an IOD (Instructors-Only Database) Member in good standing.


 Licensing & membership fees are guaranteed for a 12-month period.

Is the YALA FITNESS™ Certification available internationally?

At this point we only offer certification courses in the US, but if you are interested in certifying your team in a different country, we can make it happen. Please contact our Certification Manager, Virginia Zaidenberg at Virginia@yalafitness.com to know more about our YALA! Fitness International Certification Program.


What materials will I receive to prepare me for the YALA FITNESS™ Certification Workshop?

After you have signed up for a YALA FITNESS™ workshop, you will receive an electronic copy of the study guide, a week before your workshop. The content in the Study Guide will be covered during the workshop but we advise attendees to review the information prior to the workshop.

Will I have to participate in any physical exercise during the Certification Workshop?

In order to feel the energy of one of the YALA! Fitness programs, and to understand the effectiveness one must participate. Each certification includes an actual workout session.

What should I bring with me to my YALA FITNESS™ Certification workshop?

Wear athletic clothing and bring a change of clothing as a backup. You should also bring:

  • Plenty of water
  • Snacks
  • Writing instruments….and tons of energy (NRGY!))


A smartphone/tablet/laptop with WiFi connection capability will be required.

Will food and drink be supplied during the workshop?

Lunch will not be provided. Please bring your own.


If I decide I no longer want to participate in a YALA FITNESS™ Certification Workshop I have already signed up for, can I give my spot to someone else?

Yes. Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance prior to the workshop you signed up for. The person you are transferring your spot to, must meet ALL the requirements.


Email our Certification Manager, Virginia Zaidenberg at Virginia@yalafitness.com

How long is my YALA FITNESS™ Certification valid?

It doesn’t expire as long as you are an IOD (Instructors-Only Database) member in good standing.


How many Continuing Education Units will I receive for completing the YALA FITNESS™ Certification workshop?

After completing the workshop and pass the final exam, you will receive 0.8 (well deserved!) CEU’s.

What will I receive once I become a certified YALA FITNESS™ Instructor?

You’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can proudly hang on your wall. You’ll also receive the proof of completion with your 0.8 CEU.